How healthy is your air? Nearly 138.5 million people live where pollution makes the air dangerous to breathe. Find out more in this year's State of the Air report.
Everyone has a reason to fight for the air we breathe. Tell us your reason or read others.
The Clean Air Act protects against high levels of air pollution. Now, those rules are under attack.

Tell Congress: Protect The Air We Breathe

Your right to breathe clean and healthy air is under attack. Big corporate polluters are pressuring Congress to weaken the Clean Air Act – a law that prevents tens of thousands of asthma attacks, heart attacks, strokes and premature deaths caused by air pollution each year.

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“Please support full implementation of the Clean Air Act and oppose any legislation that will block the cleanup of mercury and other toxic air pollutants or will impede the rules to cleanup soot- and smog-forming pollution that threatens millions of Americans. Please vote to protect the health of my family and support clean and healthy air.”